Services that we provide


Argo Baum uses the best available technologies in CNC precision machining helping you to develop your projects from concept to prototyping and through production to accomplished products.

We combine great service with cost efficiency and quick turnarounds adding value to your business.

We choose from a range of technologies to make outstanding production of manufactured components from Aluminium, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Mild Steel, Engineering Plastics as well as other materials depending on your requirements.

At its market position, Argo Baum is the trusted partner to assist you in your projects.



•    Injection Mould (spares & repairs) 

•    Press-Tool (spares & repairs) 

•    Special Purpose Tooling Manufacture

•    Jig & Fixture Design & Manufacture

•    Metrology Fixture Design & Manufacture

•    Reverse Engineering of OEM Components

We provide our clients with the solutions guaranteed to meet their needs at the best price. Our fabrication capabilities and experience, along with the awareness of the challenges and the rigors of the manufacturing sectors, allow us to exceed our clients’ and partners’ demands for quality and precision.
— Argo Baum

CNC Machining - milling and turning

We offer state-of-the-art CNC precision machining services with the equipment and expertise required for complex machined components made of plastics and metals. 

Laser cutting and bending of metals

Laser cutting and wire cutting are part of our sheet metal prototyping services. We have extensive experience working with sheet metal parts and are renowned for being fast, easy to work with, cheap and reliable.

Rapid tooling, production tooling, export tooling

Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced offering you accurate tools in rapid lead times. We choose from a range of technologies to make outstanding production tools made of aluminium and steel depending on your requirements.


Using the latest software available and tailor-made for Argo Baum, we are able to make your concept and prototypes a reality. 


Quality is one of our Landmarks.

We assure a high level quality service from order to delivery, offering metrological control report services to a micron (µm) accuracy where required.


International Consultancy

We also provide international consultancy, research and survey services to our clients’, supporting their strategic expansion into other countries and markets, namely helping them to establish contacts with local stakeholders.

We provide our customers with an integrated supply service that covers the supply of materials right up to delivery in destination.


  • Procurement: Material and supplier management.

  • Manufacturing: Planning by means of pull system.

  • Deliveries: Management of time with commitment.

  • Quality: Process and product control.